Oct. 12th, 2007 10:36 pm
shanachie13: (tartan terrors in concert 10/22/05)
Ooops!  I posted this in the Terrors' thread yesterday and forgot to post it here:

Sean is the current North American Gold Medal piper (as my manager at Waldens said to me today--again or still??)?  Also he was named Piper of the Day when he was in Scotland this summer.  As per Meg this is a HUGE honor since it is very rare that a North American gets named Piper of the Day.

Also per Meg "Damn him he keeps leaving to go compete."  This is apparently only a problem because people come to see him play.

Anyway I got paid at Waldens today so I have hopes I will be able to pay my internet bill and get it set back up soon.  Later!

Another note...while we were driving around looking for batteries for my camera, I was reading the liner notes from the new CD (yes the Christmas one that was released in June) and mentioned to Steph that Sean has a vocal credit on the new album.  She turns to look at me and asks in an incredulous voice "Sean sings?!"  I assured her that yes, Sean sings, and pointed out that we've seen him sing--most recently in 2005 when we saw them preform "Drunken Scotsman".  It was still pretty funny though.  (And I would assume that the vocals he does is on the song where all the guys are singing in unison.)


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