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Okay so I'm sorry I didn't post/update sooner but I needed to actually get some sleep and refocus my head.

Before the Show )

The First Band and the... )

So finally the other band left and Storm came on. While they were breaking down the stage and setting it back up, Sis and I squeezed our way through the crowd to the front where Lori and her friends were (and had told us to come up for the show and I ended up stashing my backpack under their table). We ended up right near the front (like 2 people back) on Pete's side of the stage. I realized about halfway through the show that somehow we always end up on the Whiskey side for "Me and the Moon".

They were laughing it up right from the beginning.

The Gang was really in a good mood and hysterical! )

So I've got to get dressed now and run up to my cousin's. I am going to download the video I took and will hopefully put it on the web soon. I know at least one of the songs you can hear me singing on so I'm not sure I will post those, but I will try before tomorrow to get pictures and video up. Finally I got some really decent pictures cuz we were soooo close.

We got home about 4am, fell into bed, then got up at 9:30 to get Sis packed and off to the airport. Then I went and had family dinner with the grandparents and home to bed to sleep for a few hours. Got up around 6, stayed up for a few hours, then back to bed. Finally today I feel awake.

Oh and I just found out that I don't have to work til Oct 20th.

And since I edited this, here's a link to Sis's journal:


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