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So I didn't have to be at work until 10am today (niiiiice) and I leave with about 40 minutes to get there.

I'm driving along--ya know we had this big huge storm last nite--and I get to the circle and see a police SUV. Interesting, I'm thinking. I enter the circle, go around and realize that the police SUV is BLOCKING the road I need. The bloody bridge is out!!! So I have to go around the circle, down the road, back to Route 28 and about 10 minutes out of my way to get to work. So I was late but well not too bad and I called and said I would be late and they understood.

So I get there and find out we don't get kids until Aug 1 and so after next Tuesday, I am not working. Well I am going to think of things I need to do at work and go over and do stuff so I get some hours in. So we talk for a few minutes and watch two videos (one that was all writing and horrible music and one about autism--the second one may have been interesting except it was about 5 years out of date!) Then Colleen said, "Well we're done." It was 12:15!!

I came home and puttered on the computer for a bit and then napped for about two hours--still have a bit of a headache/migraine.

Lindsay is on Without A Trace!! Sorry that was really random, one of the actresses from CSI:NY is on the show I'm watching.

I finally figured out how to start my one story that has been bugging me but couldn't actually concentrate on the story to write it out. Maybe tomorrow.

Anyway I want to go shower and go to bed. I have to drive to Sparta tomorrow to observe a classroom or two or three. Have a good one all.


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