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shanachie13 ([personal profile] shanachie13) wrote2009-04-27 09:01 pm

Random Chuck

Chuck turned into SUPER ELIOT! And honestly that's all I have to say about tonight's episode.

Okay yeah. I've really got Leverage on the brain!
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did you just put a chuck spoiler outside an lj-cut? Sigh.

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Yeah sorry...cuz it was my private journal. Ooops.
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I should probably not be so anal about spoilers, but... I am. There's still 4 minutes before it even airs here.

Thanks again - you totally didn't have to cut your own journal for me!

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No I understand and normally I do...but since it was my journal. I didn't bother. Especially since I was doing it just cuz it was amusing me. As was the prior post.
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And you're completely right! It's your journal - you should do what you want there!!

I need to keep my spoilerphobia in check.

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*shrugs* It was easy enough to slap a cut on it.

LOL did you read the post before it? *smack* Fandoms colliding.

So I'm assuming you've seen it by now? What did you think? (And apparently we are getting another season? Since they TBC'ed?)