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I don't have a new Terrors' Icon from this past weekend so 2005's is going to have to suffice for now!

So I wrote on Monday that I would post later and well this is later, although I will have to go out to RVCC tonight to actually post this since my internet is down (because I am a blond sometimes and I read my cable notice wrong. I needed to pay part of the bill by the 7th in order to not have it turned off and yeah well I thought it said the 17th. So now I am screwed on so many levels on that bill and have no internet and will soon have no cable…I'll be paying that bill as soon as I get paid on Monday! Here's hoping they don't turn my TV off before I get to see CSI: NY and Atlantis. I can tape Torchwood next week if I don't have cable on Saturday.)

Thursday )

It's later now. And I'm at the library now. The internet thing has been straightened out. They did not turn it off, although I do need to pay the bill. Apparently the storm we had last night knocked out my internet—weird that it didn't also take out the cable TV.

Friday )

Back home now, finished burning most of the CDs that I wanted to. The computer kept refusing to read my CDs so I didn't get all of them finished, but I need to know from my darling SISTER which Terror CDs she has before I finish. Also do you have "All Bagpipes, All the Time" and "Storm and Terrors Live"?

If I can access my disc later, I will pull up the stuff I wrote for Friday and Saturday, otherwise I will try to reconstruct it.

**So I've lost whatever I wrote and I can't remember all of it. Mostly it was I went to work and then drove to Pennslyvania. After I got over my shock of Dorian getting his hair cut (it was almost as long as mine Friday night, when he came in Saturday, he had a cut not unlike the one Kavan has here: hey, any excuse to use a picture of Kavan!) When I went to leave Chris told me to drive carefully, Tony told me to "have lots of fun this weekend" *wink wink nudge nudge* and Michael went "Huh?". I left them to fill Michael in or not and took off!

We had already decided what we absolutely had to see (Tartan Terrors, natch!) and what we wanted to see if we could. So show-wise we pretty much had the day mapped out. We got to the Faire around 11:30 and went right in and then headed right over to the Globe Theater for the first Terrors' show of the day. Their show wasn't until noon, but I knew from experience that we would want to get there early to get good seats. We stopped at the Free Bird Jewelry stand to look and I got a necklace. We managed to see all four of the Terrors' shows so those are going to kind of blend together in my head. Therefore I am going to comment on other things and then do a whole paragraph on them.

In addition to seeing the Terrors', I wanted to check out Albannach so we decided to stay after the Terrors' first show and catch them then. We didn't stay for long. They are much louder and have more of a heavy rock/heavy metal sound compared to the Terrors and I must admit I am biased to the Terrors. I'm not saying they aren't a good band (Albannach), I just perfer the Canadians! But I did snap a couple of pictures, which you can see here: 

In addition, we went to the Tournament Joust and the Human Chess match. I wasn't very impressed with either this year. Partially I think that I have spent too much time watching my SCA boys (and girls) fight with fencing and heavy weapons so the fights that are planned are just not as impressive. I was also having trouble with all the anachromisms during the talking at the chess match. At one point Queen Elizabeth told the men, "Boys, put up your swords, no one is impressed." I know why they do it, it just seemed to rub me the wrong way that day. The Jousting that we saw was not what you think of, but the skill jousting which has never really impressed me. Yes, I know its difficult to stay on a running horse and catch those rings, but its just not all that exciting, especially when you can't really see anything.
We also got to see the Royal Falconer twice. Sir Robert has been working at the Faire since he was seven and is also the gentleman that trains the owls for Harry Potter. He was very interesting and knoweldgable and I did enjoy that time, even if I was having trouble sitting still (which I'm sure annoyed Steph cuz I kept wanting to leave). His birds were gorgous and all behaved very well. Here's one picture of him: 

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and you can go here to see more: 

And now for what my sister has been begging me for (you can't hold my t-shirt hostage anymore, Sis!). 

We saw at least parts of all four of the Terrors' shows. We missed a little bit of the 4:30 show because we were at the Chess match, but got there in time to see Scotland Depraved. 

Some highlights: 

Ian and Todd trying to hit each other in the sporran with the stuffed monkeys. Ian was out talking to the crowd before the show and Ellen came out and was trying to hit him in the back of the head. Todd then joined them and they began shooting them at each other, the crowd, and finally the sporrans. Ian even shot one at Queen Elizabeth's emblam (he missed). Todd must have made 15 shots at Ian's sporran before he actually hit him and Ian pauses for like 5 seconds after he gets hit then says "Ouch" and sorta crumples to the stage. Todd (who is in the audience) turns around and yells "Someone please tell me you got that on video, cuz I want it on youtube like NOW!" No one admitted to videoing it though. 

In the very first show, they had a girl come up to sing Loch Lommand like usual than pulled someone else out of the audience and took him backstage to "outfit" him for what they needed him to do. Apparently he had talked to them beforehand because when he came back out, they pulled his girlfriend up on stage and he proposed. It was sweet and she was in total shock. Steve then sang "Romeo and Juliet". I got one picture from the proposal:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Todd playing the didg (cannot spell it!) and leaving the stage--with it in his hands and still playing--to pick up a CD and hand it to a girl who was at the merch table. 

Scotland Depraved was of course awesome when they said they weren't allowed to sing the two new verses which cracked everyone up. 

When they did "Amazing Grace/Scotland the Brave" at the end of the first show, Todd said "We'd like to play this song for all the men and women serving in our country and yours. This is for the ones who never made it home." He then saluted the audience. It gave me chills.   They also played "Halls of Montezuma" and the Army anthem (does that song actually have a title?)--Steph found it amusing that I could identify them.

During "If I were Not a Terror" Meg took Ellen's usual place which made Ian's line of "Give me a break, she's my sister." just really, really odd. 

Also Sean spinning (per usual) and sorta flashing the audience. Steve comes forward to "yell" at him and says "That poor woman, its her 86th birthday." Something was said about it being either really good or really bad to see that and one of the other guys said it was really bad so Sean said, "I'm sorry, ma'am." 

Pete singing "Spongebob Squarepants" and "Like a Virgin". Nuff said! 

Sean sitting on the sidelines during the Evolution of the Kilt and watching the little kids. It was cute. He kept trying to shush them and the little girl kept talking (I couldn't hear her, I doubt anyone else could) and at one point, she plopped herself down on his lap. 

Todd in the Wal-Mart kilt! Again nuff said! (and yes that I have pictures of!) 

Ian introducing one of the songs and then Sean gets ready to play and Ian jumping up and yelling "Wait! I need my shaker!" and running backstage.  The audience laughed.  Sean laughed so hard he spit out the chanter.

Sean standing behind Ian and Todd while they rambled on at one point with the chanter (I would assume) from his pipes in his mouth.  Not amusing here, but to see was interesting and just looked, well, you can imagine.  Okay so I'll admit it, it looked really obscene.  And just well it was amusing.  I'm sure he wasn't doing it to be obscene but to wet down the reed, but yeah...

Meg walking out after the "Evolution of the Kilt" skit while Ian is trying to walk back in without mooning the audience and saying, "Yeah, its not any prettier at home."

Some pictures: 

Random shots of the band: 

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket 

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Ian in the "Full Monty" kilt:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Todd in the Wal-Mart kilt with Meg, his beer wench:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

and if you want to see the rest: 

My videos are having issues at the moment, I have to compress them before they can go up but here's the two I have so far: 


And Steph's pictures from the weekend:

On Monday I drove home, stopping at a friend's house to spend a couple of hours with her and her son.  It was a great weekend!  Despite the sunburn!

Edit: Since the pictures didn't work and I had to fix it, I can add this link to the stills from the videos (not the best on many of them, but still more pictures!):


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