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Leverage Run Down!

Over the past few years, cable channel TNT has become known for drama. With a mix of re-runs and original television, they are beginning to give regular channels a run for the money. But last December, with the advent of their new Robin Hood-esque series Leverage, they really raised the bar.

With tag-lines like
"Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys."
"We provide...leverage."

and the whining beat of Duffy's "Mercy" backing the commercials, they amped up an ad campaign that really made viewers sit up and notice. Eye catching graphics and a stunning cast rounded out the reason to catch the show.

Leverage Cast

Ex-insurance agent, Nate Ford, leads a gang of semi-redeemed thieves and cons as they attempt to take over where the law leaves off. The group of lone wolves was brought together by Dubenich, a man who said his airplane plans had been stolen. When it turned out that he lied, didn't pay them, and tried to kill them...the criminals were out for revenge. (Parker upon finding they didn't get paid, confronts the group with the words, "My money's not in my account. That makes me cry inside, in my special, angry place.")

Eliot: He tried to kill us.
Parker: More importantly he didn't pay us.
Eliot: How is that more important?
Parker: I take that personally.
Eliot: There's somethin' wrong with you.

Nate draws them back together by promising them each what would most appeal to them:
Eliot: What's in it for me?
Nate: Payback. And if it goes right, a lot of money.
Parker: What's in it for me?
Nate: A lot of money. And if it goes right, payback.

Knowing they need one more thing, Nate and the others pay a visit to an old friend. Sophie Devereaux, the worst actress you've ever met...unless she's breaking the law.

Not without issues, the group does manage to work together and bring down the "baddie". At the end of the episode, they agree to scatter...but as Nate turns to walk away, they one by one rejoin him...citing the reasons they should stay together. Nate protests; reminding them that they are norming on the wrong sides of the law, but Sophie gently persuaded him by making the deal that he could pick the clients.

Through-out the season, the team (using their specific skills of grifter, hitter, hacker, and thief and pulled together by the brains of the man who chased them all) to con and manipulate the "bad" men that Nate finds. In addition, sometimes they also find the clients. The teamwork isn't without it's bumps (most memorable are when Parker pushes Hardison off a building or Eliot threatens that "Oh, I'm gonna punch somebody."), but overall they work well together. In the end, the show ends with a wrap-up that can be a show ender or a continuation for a new season.

Only picked up for thirteen episodes, TNT made a happy fanbase ecstatic when they quickly renewed Leverage for a second season. Already filming in Portland, Oregon (a new venue for this season), Leverage's second season looks to be even hotter than the first.

In the words of Nathan Ford...

"All right, let's go break the law... just one more time."

Speaking of breaking the law...the producers couldn't just tell the cast and writers that they had been signed for a second year:

From the TNT site:
About the Show
TNT set Tuesday nights on fire this past winter with the first season of this thrilling, fast-paced drama series starring Oscar® winner Timothy Hutton (Ordinary People). This summer, the gang is back with more elaborate scams designed to exact revenge against those who use power and wealth to victimize people. Hutton stars as Nate Ford, a former insurance investigator determined to bring down the kind of corrupt bigwigs whose neglect led to the death of his son. His highly skilled team includes Sophie Devereaux (Gina Bellman – Coupling), a grifter who uses her acting skills to corner her marks; Eliot Spencer (Christian Kane – TNT's Into the West), a "retrieval specialist" with bone-crunching fighting skills; Alec Hardison (Aldis Hodge – Friday Night Lights), a gadget and technology wizard who keeps the team connected and informed; and Parker (Beth Riesgraf – Alvin and the Chipmunks), a slightly off-center thief adept at repelling off buildings or squeezing into tight places. Together, the team puts their energy, quick minds and keen intellects toward securing justice for society's underdogs.
LEVERAGE, which is executive-produced by Dean Devlin (Independence Day, TNT's The Librarian movies), has scored big in its first season, ranking as ad-supported cable's #1 show in its timeslot.
Meet the Team:

Nathan "Nate" Ford:
Nathan Ford
"My name is Nathan Ford. I'm an honest man in a dishonest world. Am I a white knight? A black king? If you have to're on the wrong side. The rich and powerful take what they want, we take it back."

Academy Award and Golden Globe winner, Timothy Hutton, (best known for Taps and Ordinary People) plays Nathan Ford.

From the TNT site
Insurance investigator
Good-looking and still sharp, despite the layers of insomnia and hangover damage he's accumulating as fast as he can. Nate was an expert at recovering stolen items...until the insurance company he worked for (I.Y.S.) refused to pay for his 8-year-old son Sam's "experimental" treatment. When his son died a couple of years ago, Nate went on the skids. In the pilot, Dubenich hires him as the one honest man to keep a group of thieves in check. Now, Nate leads the team to right injustices, funded by their unique take on "alternate revenue stream". He has a long catch-and release history with Sophie, who is the only team member he selected himself.

Sophie Devereaux
Sophie Devereaux
"Who is Sophie Devereaux? She's a grifter, a con artist, the greatest actor you'll never see. She's whoever I need her to be."

New Zeland born and England raised Gina Bellman (best known for BBC shows "Coupling" and Jekyll") plays grifter Sophie Devereaux.

From the TNT site

Sophie has dark eyes and lips you find yourself staring at while she's talking. Where Parker's a stiletto, Sophie is all curves and mist. She's a seductress capable of convincingly playing any character or nationality... as long as it's not on an actual theatrical stage where she will overact magnificently. She may very well be in love with Nate.

Eliot Spencer:
Eliot Spencer
"Eliot Spencer is not a violent man. Be reasonable and nobody gets hurt. If you decide to be unreasonable, it's not his fault if everybody gets hurt."

Christian Kane (best known for Angel and Love Song) in addition to acting on Leverage fronts the Southern Rock/Country band, Kane when he's not playing Eliot Spencer.

From the TNT site
Retrieval specialist

Eliot is not a large guy, but he is deceptively dangerous. His coiled and precise movements belie his quiet cowboy charm. He doesn't like guns and, it turns out, doesn't need them. Despite his rep as a tough guy, he is an apparent whiz in the kitchen and known to take the occasional manly sip of tea. Delicious.

"Parker. No first name. Some say she's the best thief in the world. Some say she's crazy. Lucky for me...she's both."

Beth Riesgraf (best known for "My Name is Earl" and Alvin and the Chimpmunks) plays Parker.

From the TNT site
Petite, cute, blonde... and a social pariah. Parker's idea of fun would scare the living daylights out of most people. She has neither modesty nor fear of heights. Like Hardison, Parker grew up in the foster care system, but her tale is one of abuse and neglect. She's insecure about only one thing: her ability to pass herself off as a normal person.

Alec Hardison:
Alec Hardison
"Alec Hardison. They call him a hacker, code freak, a fraud artist. I call support."

Aldis Hodge (best known for "Supernatural", "Numb3rs", and Happy Feet) plays Alec Hardison.

From the TNT site
Internet and computer fraud

Young, thick-shouldered, and looks like he should be playing pro ball. But Hardison's tall good looks are counter to type; he's actually a geek of the first order and an expert at all things electronic. He loves orange soda...and might have a bit of a crush on Parker.

Viewing Order
Now TNT had a little mishap when they aired the first season. For reasons unknown (to me anyway), they did not air them in the order they were supposed to be shown in. So the following list is the actual viewing order (but not the airing order):
1.) The Nigerian Job
2.) The Homecoming Job
3.) The Wedding Job
4.) The Snow Job
5.) The Mile High Job
6.) The Miracle Job
7.) The Two Horse Job
8.) The Bank Shot Job
9.) The Stork Job
10.) The Juror #6 Job
11.) The 12 Step Job
12.) The First David Job
13.) The Second David Job

**This was the list complied by The Rewatch Job LJ Community, when they began re-viewing the episodes (mostly because of somethings that make more sense when the episodes are aired in this order--i.e. Eliot's explanation about his background and Nate's downward spiral). As far as I know there has been no "official" release on what order they were supposed to be aired in.

(You can also judge what order they were filmed in by the length of Eliot's hair--if you watch it that closely--just saying and no I didn't notice that, someone else did and pointed it out to me.)

Complete episodes are available for download at:

Some Sneak Peeks to give you an idea of how the show goes. All of the following links are videos so give them a moment or two to load. Most from the TNT site, but one is from youTube.

Sneak Peek "The Nigerian Job":
First look at Eliot's fighting, Hardison's hacking, (the contrast between the slow-mo bag drop and Eliot's quick moving style is totally awesome)--first idea that Eliot has something against guns.

Best lines:

Eliot to Hardison: "That's what
I do."

Nate to Hardison: "Drop the spike."

Eliot to Hardison: "Did you give them a virus?"
Hardison to Eliot: "Dude, I gave them more than one virus."

Sneak Peek "The Wedding Job":
A look at not so calm Nate and some of Eliot's "other" skills.

Best lines:

Eliot to Nate: "What you thought all I knew how to do was bash heads?"
Nate to Eliot: "No." *sort of shrug* "Well, yeah."
Eliot to Nate: "Look, hold a knife like this, cuts through an onion. Hold a knife like this, cuts through like eight Yakuza in four seconds. Screams. Carnage. People are like knives, everything's in context."

Sneak Peek "The Mile High Job":
Explanation by the clients to Nate and Sophie, with the rest of the team in attendance; then the team scams Genagrove--looking for information.

Best Lines:

Sophie: "Means they're hiding something."
Nate: "Means there's a smoking gun. And we...are going to find it."

Sophie: "I work out on the dance floor."

Sophie: "You are good with your hands, I think. Wie. You are my hero."

Sneak Peek "The Two Horse Job":
Briefing about the mark--Alan Foss--by Hardison with interruptions by the team. A good look at F

Best lines:

Eliot: "The massacre. The massacre."

Parker: "I just really don't like horses."

Hardison: "Now how do we get the damn horse?"

Nate: "Miss Devereaux, how is your Southern Belle?"

Sneak Peek "The Bank Shot Job":
Parker and Hardison appear as FBI agents at a bank where Nate and Sophie are being held hostage.

Best Lines:

Parker: "It's embarrassing. Everybody knows you don't rob a bank without an exit strategy. Those two deserve to get caught. Forty-two seconds."
Hardison: "What?"
Parker: "To rob this bank."

Hardison to police chief: "You're adorable." (This line will show up later in the series at other times.)

Sneak Peek "The Second David Job" (Season One Finale):
Nate sets up Stirling and Blackpoole, the rest of the team stakes out the museum--and almost gets nabbed.

Best lines:

Hardison to Eliot: "I'm gonna kick your butt."

Parker to Sophie: "Run now, talk later."

And a couple of behind the scenes videos...they even have fun when the "real" cameras aren't rolling:

Which actor is most like their character? Interviews with the actors on who is most like their character--it's amusing what they conclude.

Fearless Female!--Beth Riesgraf aka Parker A look at some of the stunt work that Beth does as Parker

Meet Apollo...the pickpocket Every show has to have a technical advisor--meet Leverage's.

On-Line Leverage sites to feed the need:
TNT Official Site site

Season 2 filming day one blog

John Rodgers Talks Leverage

This is very basic at the moment, the TNT and sites are much, much better.

John Rodgers (one of the writers/producers of the show) has an on-line blog--he's pretty good about updating and when they're filming it's often Leverage related. Kung Fu Monkey

Provide Leverage LJ Community

The Rewatch Job LJ Community

Fan Fiction to Hold You Over Until the New Season Starts


Medie Shanachie


The Lightning Job

Broken Roads


Decisions that I Make

Odd Jobs

Five Times Sophie Went Shopping

Watch Over You

10 Things You Don't Know About Me

Ten Things YOU Don't Know About ME

Handful of Bad Luck

So hopefully that gives you a little idea of what the show is about and some places to look if you want to find out more. At this point, they haven't released an air date for the new season, but they will be re-airing episodes on Fridays it looks like beginning April 24th.

"Get Ready to Get Even..."

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I love that show :D

I'll admit that I started watching for Kane but then it grew on me. I can't wait for the second season.

[identity profile] 2009-04-17 03:01 am (UTC)(link)

I think a lot of people started watching for CK and then got hooked on the show. I kept seeing him in the commercials and going *I know that guy* but it wasn't until I actually looked him up that I realized it was Lindsay. They have video up from the second season already on KF Monkey.

And speaking of CK--have you heard the man sing?!

ETS--I screwed up the coding.
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Will answer this in depth later...just don't have time this morning...shrinking pictures? I dunno how?

The sneak peek didn't work? DAMN IT! AUGH! It's videos from TNT (except one youtube), clips from the show!

Okay...I'll answer the rest later.

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And now this is me actually having time to answer the whole note--after I've done some editing. :-)

Wow, that's HUGE! You've done so much work for this - excellent!
*blushes* Well, I've been planning this for a while so I kinda had all the ideas and it was just pulling it together.

Typo: "didn't pay them, and tried to kill him" <-- should be "tried to kill THEM"
And that's why I shouldn't type and edit at the SAME time!

That's an awesome pic of Parker
Lookie! Someone made it smaller for me!

What are all those embeds below Hardison's picture?
What embeds below Hardison's picture? The only ones I remember are the Sneak Peeks.

For the viewing order - where did you get that list?
That's from The Re-Watch Job group. I added information about that.

What's up with the Sneak Peek section? Are those supposed to be links or pictures or what? I'm guessing this is still a Work In Progress?
Um, they're videos and they seem to be working for everyone else. Are you trying to run it somewhere youTube or TNT is blocked? Cuz I can't access them at work, but they pop up at home.

Will you be linking the videos by Beth (forget what it's called, but it has her "Sharker" bit) and Aldis ("The Hand Job")?
I hadn't planned to, because I was going for a more show related theme here and those are more them being silly. I love the videos, but they are really just Beth and Aldis being silly. Eventually I may do another run down and include those. (Plus this was getting a tad video heavy).

I think what you have is great! There's so much really good information there! Lots of stuff that was new to me. And, it's the perfect place to send friends when trying to convince them to watch the show.

Sweet! That's why I wrote/copied/made it! So please send people this way. I'm in the process of moving/copying everything show related to a new journal, but I'm not deleting things...I'll give you the new journal though when it's fully set up.

Hope my observations help!
They did! I used some of them when I edited and not others. Hope I answered everything for you! Check out the improved layout!
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[identity profile] 2009-04-18 04:01 am (UTC)(link)
What embeds below Hardison's picture? The only ones I remember are the Sneak Peeks.
There are 9 embeded videos below Hardison's picture and above the line that says "Alec Hardison. They call him a hacker, code freak, a fraud artist. I call support." But there are no labels on the videos, no titles. It would be nice to have headers so that I don't have to click on each one to figure out what it is.

Oh, wait - I'm only seeing that in Safari - it looks fine in IE and Opera.

Well, I'm looking at the code, but can't see why the embeds are in one place and the associated titles and quote are somewhere else. Oh Safari - just when I was starting to like you!


I get what you mean about the Beth and Aldis videos - really, those are things to be appreciated after one has gotten into the show, not before. I don't think a new comer would get how funny those are.

[identity profile] 2009-04-18 04:16 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah cuz the videos shouldn't be there...damn Safari! I can't check it in anything other than Firefox and Konquerer at home...but I had some other friends check it...they run IE and stuff and everything was fine. I can see if my cousin will check it Sunday or something, she runs Safari.

LOL so they work now? Does it work better with the little info and the quotes? I tried to pick ones that would be interesting and show off the characters.

Yeah, I love them and they are so perfect for them being silly, but doesn't make much sense unless you've been watching the show and/or are familiar with them.

So I'm moving all my fan fiction stuff and all my show/television related stuff over to here: (well not moving the stuff already posted so much as copying) and I don't plan to post anything new at this journal so you might want to friend the new one. :-) I'll post a formal notice once I get it up and running--there's nothing there yet.
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Oh, the embeds work. But in Safari they're up higher on the page and the quotes are down at the bottom. It's so weird. I've seen this happen with multimple tables, but the code for the pages doesn't contain tables - there are /div/ and /br/ and that should render properly. It's odd that it doesn't.

I mean, I imagine you typed it in, hit enter a couple of times, then typed in the next thing, etc. all the way down the page, right?

So, yeah, it's just odd. But, everything is there and everything seems to work.

It's just another reason why I have several different browsers - not one of them is perfect. I got tired of IE crashing all the time (apparently, it doesn't get along with it's brother Vista), so I switched to Safari for the quick "check this out" stuff - guess I need to rethink that choice.

Oh, btw, the quotes are great! I think you made some good choices.

And I'll friend the new journal so that I'm ready when you are.

[identity profile] 2009-04-18 02:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Huh, well that is really, really strange. I will definitely have Eagles (my cousin) check it out when I talk to her again--she's spending 17 hours at the station today so I doubt I'll talk to her.

Actually I didn't type and return that way. I wrote all of it--coding and all on my Mac at work; saved it to my jump drive, and then pasted it into JL when I got home.

*grins* That show provides me with the greatest quotes. Unfortunately most of Eliot's are not G rated so I can't use them in my signature on my one site. (I've got Nate's breaking the law one and Eliot's priest to insurance cop to leading thieves on right now.)

Sweet! I saw the friend and I'm planning to start loading stuff into it today, but it'll all be stuff you've already seen so far.
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[identity profile] 2009-04-18 02:55 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, wow, I had no idea! Well, I'm happy to "pimp" you because I love your stories (besides I pimped myself too--I'm Medie Shanachie on

Well, I don't know if this is the "official" order, it's the one the Re-Watch Job community decided on and since it made sense to me I decided to use it. I've added some information on why I picked the order I did.

Yeah, I've been checking his blog and he hasn't been that great on putting more than pictures the last few days, but hey! even pictures are awesome!

Glad you enjoyed!

[identity profile] 2009-04-17 12:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Ok, since you don't know how to shrink pics, I took the liberty of shrinking the Parker pic to make this more readable.

Just go to this link: and get the image.

[identity profile] 2009-04-18 03:05 am (UTC)(link)
Whee! Thank you so much!

*blushes* It wasn't so much that I had no idea how to shrink pictures as my computer is sorta broken (well it's really broken--it only does the bare minimum right now--so I can't download--shrink it--and upload it). So this is totally awesome! And lookie! I used it already! I was going to attempt to fo a force shrink, but it's been about eight years since I did html coding and I needed to look it up.

And I shouldn't answer emails when I'm half-awake.

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Nice! I'll definately have to keep an eye out. Here's hoping it comes to one of our channels...

[identity profile] 2009-04-18 07:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Well if it doesn't...TNT streams complete episodes for free on their site ( or you can purchase them at iTunes or I would assume since we can play Region One DVDs on computer here, that you can play US things on the computer there. (There have been rumors of a DVD set, but I haven't heard anything confirmed yet.)

Awesome that you wanna check it out!
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Late reply is late...

[personal profile] swingandswirl 2009-04-26 02:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Howinthehell did I miss this? *whacks self* And oh man, I SO do not need another fandom. *mock glares*

Leverage sounds kick-ass! Stupid Indian TV, not playing it yet. *is definitely going to pick up the DVDs as soon as they become available* Might have to poke around and see if I can obtain them somehow before then...

Re: Late reply is late...

[identity profile] 2009-04-26 08:07 pm (UTC)(link)
*crooks finger at you* Step into my parlor says the spider to the fly.

I have no idea how you missed it, but I missed most of it the first time around, had to catch it all in repeats. It is awesome. I LOVE Eliot! He is totally cool!

Here's my new journal (dunno if you have it): which is where I am putting fanfic now--Numb3rs, Leverage, and SGA. I'm slowly moving stuff over there so it's mostly Leverage at the moment.

Yes, stupid Indian TV. Well, if you can't wait for the DVDs. You can watch full episodes on for free or or download them at amazon (boo hiss) or iTunes. I know they are planning to release a DVD cuz they've talked about it--but no news yet on a date. They are returning this summer with a new season! Filming right now! *happy dance*

I have the whole series on DVD (shhh), but at the moment no way to copy them...if I get a way, we can talk. I got them from a friend who watches the show after my room was destroyed because I was so upset and she wanted to cheer me up.