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So I got to thinking this week (I know scary thought) and I realized that my writing is kinda taking over my journal--partially just for lack of having somewhere else to post some of it. I've also been batting around the idea of doing some commentary on a couple of the shows I watch.

So with that in mind, I created a secondary journal: Shanachie's Quill which will be hosting anything writing and fanfic related. I moved/copied a bunch of stuff over to there already...although I need to make some changes/fixes and I still need to make it pretty, but it is active. I will be posting all writing related stuff in there from now on.

So go ahead and friend that if ya wanna keep up. And now I'm gonna go do...I dunno what.

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Gacked from [ profile] mia_dcwut_09

Okay so the idea is to list all of the writing I've ever done... with links and brief summaries... yeah this may take awhile.

So I'm going to put them in series/genre order, not writing order, and also include unfinished stuff if its on-line. The unfinished stuff will be marked as such and also marked if it's private. I will also mark if it is a joint work.

Starting with original fiction at

SciFi, Fantasy, & Fairy Tales )

Leave Series )

Vampire Stories )

Prophesied One )

Danny & Mallory )
My Muse )

Children's Stories )

A Little of This & A Little of That )

Non-Fiction )

Poetry )

And then my fan fiction at And then my fan fiction at Fan Fiction
FanFiction )


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