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So most of you know that I went North on Friday and spent the weekend with my gram. My dad's mom. I get along great with her, just not with my father. It was a nice visit. I enjoyed seeing my cousin's girls (who are now 13, 12, and 8) and laughing at the fact that the 13 year old is much taller than me. (Try 5'7" to 5'3"). Everything was good although we had some excitement Saturday night. We went out to dinner (to Grandma's--which yes is an actual resturant) and when we came home, Gram used the bathroom. Per rules, she lit a candle as she was leaving. She then shut the door and left it burning. When I opened the door almost an hour later, there was a large whoosh! I looked in to see flames spitting out from all angles and about 5 inches high. Smoke billowed out of the bathroom, setting off both the smoke detectors and the fire alarm (they have an alarm system for when problems occur). A voice immediately started blaring "Fire! Leave the house Immediately!" I scambled trying to put the candle out, blowing on it but it didn't happen. So I grabbed a towel, intending to soak it and drop it on the candle but Gram kept trying to wave it out. Finally I pushed her gently out of the way, soaked the towel and got the fire out. Meanwhile my aunt and gram were typing the code into the alarm pad and nothing was happening. Of course the alarm company called and my gram is yelling the code at them and then her name but everything is in my cousin's name. Finally Lynn came home and shut everything off. Then she turns to me and is like what happened. So I explained it to her and she just shook her head. I was just glad I was the one who went into the bathroom not my gram because I'm sure she would have been hurt.

Yesterday I went over to work but no one was there to let me in. So I went and got lunch and then had lunch with Mom. I also drove up to Drew and got the camera from Kat. (It works great, hon. I already played with it a bunch, going to try downloading things in a little bit). Then I went back over and signed papers for my supervisor.

Today I started the laundry, did a load of towels and started the second. I want to finish my shirt before I do the darks so lights or whites will go in next.

This week since apparently I still seem to be off, I have to do the following things:

1. finish my shirt
2. start and finish my sissy's shirt
3. work on the scrapbooks
4. clean the bathroom again
5. clean my room (actually there isn't much but I still want it to be neater)

Guess that's about it. Ta-ta loves, off to work on the shirts.


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