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Okay so since I apparently can't find anywhere on LJ to post my CSI: NY wallpapers and Icons to share...I'm just gonna post them publically in my journal...and if anyone knows of a place...shout out to me...

These lovely, drool-worthy pretties would not be possibly without the screen-capping talents of [profile] wrthy2bluvd     and the folks at CSI Caps who spend so much time making great screen caps for us artists to use. They would also not be possible without the helpfulness of my cousin [profile] eaglesis40     and unforunately, she is leaving the country soon so although I will have one more post of icons/wallpapers that will be it until September or October.

Just a little tease (LJ Icons):
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

And then under the cut for more...just a warning...the wallpapers are quite large so if you have dial-up or slow bandwidth, you might want to use this link (plus there are a TON of wallpapers that I didn't post...I just tried to pick a variety): CSI:NY Goodies


Apr. 6th, 2008 04:45 pm
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Hey I was bored the other day and Sis requested some new pictures for CSI: NY...I didn't get any Mac ones done yet (haven't found any pictures I really, really like and the one she requested no one has capped), but here's what I have so far...feel free to snag, just make sure to credit are from CSI-caps and I think a few were from Past My Shoulder

and these are some really old ones that I discovered when I was cleaning somethings up on my hard drive...I have no idea where I got the pictures...

The rest of the wallpapers are here: CSI:NY Goodies


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