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Scary thought, isn't it? This is what my vet explained to me last night and today about the crystals in Murphy's bladder. Sissy looked it up for me and this is what she came up with: . Yes this is what he has, yes he has had a diet change and two meds a day so we are hopeful. Right now it is a race between us dissolving the crystals with diet and meds and the crystals expanding too much and exploding my cat. (Every time I write that I get a picture of the Looney Tones characters blowing up in my head--yes I have a sick mind!)

My day was spent driving up to Sparta (an hour and a half of entertaining myself in the car), the observing our school up there. Typical kids of what I was expecting, some of them more high functioning than I was expecting. I stopped at Mickey D's for lunch on the way home.

Mom and I ran errands, Wal-Mart, and then looked all over for Medieval Cookie Cutters (no such luck), and got Murphy. I finally ordered them on-line although I am stuck with a Barney Dragon (mental note--DO NOT make it purple!) Hopefully they will come in time for me to make cookies for war!

Now I am going to go to bed, watch Stargate and possibly Atlantis and try to write. Night, loves!


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