May. 22nd, 2009

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So Ransom and I were emailing back and forth today as I tried to write up the welcome for her stop at my blog. I had seen that everyone else wrote how they knew her or how they met her...and I realized I can't remember. *face palm* But then I decided this wasn't as bad as it sounds. Since part of the reason I can't remember is because I feel like I've known Ransom forever. We both belong to a little group on-line called WDC and I know we met through that.
She believes that we met because one or the other of us did a review for the other (I think she did one for me) sometime after she joined the site in January of 2007. After that we began emailing back and forth and a friendship began to build from there.

Since then, Ransom has become a mentor to me and we have supported each other as we strive towards publication. I couldn't be prouder or happier for her that she reached that goal. So I was pleased when she asked me to be part of her blog tour and introduce her book to y'all.

(Personally I wanted to make up a really cool meeting for us and was all set to rack my brain--or actually put my brain on the rack, but apparently I'm not allowed to do that.)

(I never said you weren’t allowed to do that. How about we met in London on a Jack the Ripper tour? What, too hard to believe?

I mean if we're going to decide where we about Ireland back in the days of the Celts...more believable for most people who know me. ;-))

Thanks, Shanachie. You’d also asked me, when we were discussing the tour, about ideas. I thought that was one thing that brought us together – was how much we’d talk about our projects and bounce ideas off one another. Sometimes talking (typing) it out with someone can really focus the brain to figure out what’s next.

(We could say we met at a coffee shop when you asked someone to figure out the tip for you? It’s more believable, since I’m someone who loves math and you’re much more grounded in English and literature.

Yes, most people who know me will believe that one...*sigh* math and I do not get along!)

About those ideas, I always found them to be an individual thing. So many writers follow a muse and have ideas that come from somewhere, not sure anyone really knows where. However, you can take the same idea and sit down any number of people and each will take that idea and twist it in a different way. I tell you to write about a pair of shoes, for example, and you pick a pair of strappy sandals while I had in mind a pair of army boots. Each of us uses that idea in a story, and we’re talking about very different things. I think that’s what makes us individual writers. I know it’s what makes my stories unique. I hope that answered your question!

It does and I agree...sometimes I look at a prompt or I give a prompt for my contest and I'm amazed at the different ideas that people come up with, even people that I think have minds that follow along the way mine every writer has their own ideas and their own way of viewing the world.

Ransom has a pretty good grasp of the way a tween has to deal with the stress of trying to balance school, family, and the pressures of growing up. Please check out her book and make sure to leave a comment, remember you could win a free copy!

And now a brief look at the book. You can order it at: The Art of Science

The Art of Science )


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