Apr. 11th, 2009

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So while I was in Savannah this past week (and yes I promise I will get around to posting a commentary--with pictures!--Daren and I watched Leverage and also Transporter 1 and Transporter 3. This led to a semi-serious discussion while watching the two Transporters over who would win a fight--Eliot or Frank. I don't think we ever came to a conclusion, but after mentioning this to a couple of people, they agreed it's a fight they would like to see. So...I am going to attempt to try my hand at writing it...except: I STILL don't know who would win. So here ya go. It's up to you. Would Eliot's no holds barred or Frank's martial arts win the day? Daren just disagreed with me that they are both MMA and also no holds barred (and he should know my black belt boy) so um I guess...who's more of a bad ass? I am I guess going to say Frank will be unable to keep his guns for this. If he has them, Eliot will most likely take them within a few minutes. Anyway I have no idea what I am going to do FOR the fight or how they will meet, but I'll come up with something once I know who is going to win.

So both of them seem to use things in their area during a fight and both of them seem to be pretty no holds barred...I can't seem to do a poll...must be cuz I don't have a paid account...so just tell me in your comments who would win.

Frank Martin


Eliot Spencer
and if ya have a reason...that would be awesome too!


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